Climate Change
what can I do

We don't have much time left!

Climate Change - Get active!

Global temperatures are rising sharply as a result of human activity.

People around the world are already feeling the consequences, from more intense heat waves to rising sea levels. The situation is likely to get worse in the coming decades.

We don't have much time left!

Scientists have found that urgent action can still prevent the most dangerous effects of climate change.

Our project develops a "Climate Crisis Portal" in simple language. It gives practical suggestions for individual measures that are urgently needed to mitigate climate change. We are planning the content not only in German, Slovenian, Greek and English, but also in Turkish and Bosnian. This will allow us to reach family members who are less proficient in the language of the respective country. We will show visitors in simple language what climate change means and what each individual can do. This information will also be available on a mobile application for smartphones and as downloadable podcasts.

We will disseminate the results via newsletters, especially to migrant and refugee organisations, as well as to non-native speaking citizens.

On our e-platform, the Climate Crisis Portal will allow a choice of language (English, German, Greek, Bosnian, Turkish) and provide important information in units related to the following topics: